My idea of cast to be played by

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Oded fehr- Namor

Ryan Gosling- Jim Hammond aka Original Torch

Sam worthington- Union Jack

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Captain America - Chris Evans. Hated the choice originally but he has made me a believer. He is Steve Rogers!

Bucky - Jamie Bell. Nothing against Sebastian, but I like the idea of Bucky being younger than Cap, but not a kid.

Sub-Mariner - Jason Momoa. Forget Conan. Add pointed ears and winged feet and he is Namor.

Human Torch - Alex Pettyfer. Catch 'I am Number Four' to get an idea of him being a character not quite 'Human'

Toro - David Henrie. David would offer the fun loving Toro from '70 series (but like Buck not 10 years old)

Spitfire - Alice Eve. British, Blonde. Hot. She screams spitefire

Union Jack - Paul Bettany. Little worried about age here, but no other Brit kicks butt like him.

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