dark_noldor's Invaders Now! #5 - Second Chances review

Against the Axis and Shuma-Gorath

I´ve become a fan of the golden age and I admire and apreciate these mini series that Marvel prints about them. Invaders Now! is an excellent choice for those who don´t know much about Namor, Toro, Original Human Torch, Spitfire, Union Jack, Golden Vision, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, to get familiarized with this amazing team. The plot is decent, the narrative is filled with action, the dialogues are interesting and the art is captvating. I made some bad remarks about the colors of Vinicius Andrade, he showed some improvement in the last issues, but still I don´t like the reddish noses. The covers of Alex Ross are amazing. Gage is turning out to be one of my favorite writers in the present time. Caio Reis is - in my opinion -  the best break artist in Marvel for the year 2010. I really enjoyed this saga and the interactions between the heroes and how the writers managed to sell us a great team work and old villains with new shape and garbs. I hope Marvel continues this path of mini series of the Invaders. Highly recommended!
4 out 5


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