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Inuyasha and the others are trapped inside Mount Hakurei with yet another newly reassembled Naraku. Meanwhile, Naraku reveals to Kikyo that his true purpose in hiding inside Mount Hakurei is to perfect an emotionless new form that could attack and even kill Kikyo without hesitation. Having finally divorced himself from Onigumo's heart, will Naraku succeed in killing Kikyo? Inuyasha is troubled by a premonition of doom but arrives too late, finding only Kikyo's broken bow!

Chapter Titles

  • Scroll One: Maelstrom of Evil
  • Scroll Two: His True Purpose
  • Scroll Three: The New Body
  • Scroll Four: Kikyo's Life
  • Scroll Five: Inuyasha's True Feelings
  • Scroll Six: Darkness in the Heart
  • Scroll Seven: Suggestion
  • Scroll Eight: The Discarded Heart
  • Scroll Nine: Thousand-Mile Ears
  • Scroll Ten: The Colony of Ogre Women







Story Arcs

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