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When Japanese schoolgirl Kagome stumbles through a boarded-up well within her family 's ancient shrine, she falls back in time to sixteenth-century Japan. There she discovers that she is descended from mystical priestess Kikyo and becomes the protector of a feudal village, the master and friend of Inu-Yasha, hot-tempered half-demon dog-boy. She also discovers the Shikon jewel (mysterious Jewel of Four Souls) is embedded within her and after it shatters, she and Inuyasha must travel throughout fuedal collecting the shards to keep them from the evil Naraku.

Chapter Titles

  • Scroll One: The Accursed Youth
  • Scroll Two: Inu-Yasha Resurrected
  • Scroll Three: A New Foe
  • Scroll Four: The Dancing Dead
  • Scroll Five: Kagome's Arrow
  • Scroll Six: Yura of the Hair
  • Scroll Seven: The Bone-Eater's Well
  • Scroll Eight: The Return Home







Story Arcs

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