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Inuki is Yuzuriha Nekoi’s inugami. Inuki was born with Yuzuriha. Its role is to take care of her. Only persons who are concerned by the “Jour de la Promesse” could see it.

Inuki permits to prevent Hinoto of the arrival of Yuzuriha.

Inuki appreciates Kusanagi Shiyu even if he is a Dragons of Earth. It is not the same thing with Seichiro Sakurazuka and Satsuki Yatoji. Indeed when they attack its mistress, Inuki transforms itself into a sword. It permits to Yuzuriha to fight her opponents. But during the fight against Satsuki, she disturbs Yuzuriha and launches an attack in the same time. Inuki sacrifice itself to protect its mistress.

Inuki seems to be dead, but it is a spirit linked with Yuzuriha. It exists until its mistress is alive. Then when Fuma Mono attacks Kamui Shiro, Yuzuriha wishes to protect him and Inuki is born again. This Inuki is stronger than the previous one. It could transform into a sword but also into a shield. Moreover, this Inuki feels that Hinoto has a dark spirit.

Powers and Abilities



Inuki could transform itself into a sword in order to help Yuzuriha.


Inuki could transform itself into a shield in order to help Yuzuriha.

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