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General Wade Eiling initiated the Ultramarines project to create meta-powered soldiers loyal to the U.S. Four Marine Corps officers were exposed to Proteum, an artificial isotope, and gained amazing powers, but lost their humanity in the process. Under Eiling's command, they battled the Justice League of America until they learned the general had gone insane. Following Eiling's betrayal, the Ultramarines joined up with the Global Guardians to become the International Ultramarine Corps and protect Superbia, a city-state floating high above the nuclear ravaged ruins of Montevideo, Uruguay.

Story Arc

After failing to save Superbia from Gorilla Grodd and Nebula Man, the International Ultramarine Corps decides to relocate for a time to an alternate universe without heroes. They are also seen fighting against Darkseid's forces during Final Crisis.


From the Ultramarine Corps:

From the Global Guardians:

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