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Interlac is the designated communication language of the 30th/31st century United Planets. It has also been put into use in some star systems in the 20th/21st century as well. As the language of the United Planets, Interlac is taught in all schools throughout the system. Most sentient races use Interlac.

The 26 letters of the Interlac alphabet corresponds directly to the 26 letter English language currently in use today. The Interlac numbering system corresponds to the Earth base-ten form. Interlac numbers have the potential to confusing, especially with the numbers 6 and 7, as well as 42 and 43. Anyone writing it by hand could possibly produce an error when read by some one else.

Interlac was first mentioned in the Legion of Super-Heroes story in Adventure Comics #379. It was also referred to often in the Super Friends comic. In the Legion of Super-Heroes (vol 2), Keith Giffen would insert futuristic signs in the backgrounds of city scenes. He and Paul Levitz eventually introduced the Interlac Font still used today in Legion of Super-Heroes #312.

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