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A renowned (and doggedly determined) police inspector of France who eventually became the most persistent nuisance of the cunning gentleman thief, Arsene Lupin. After scoring an early victory over Lupin (which resulted in his arrest in New York harbor and brief imprisonment), the thief has almost always managed to get the better of Ganimard ever since. Their rivalry and constant back and forth led to a begrudging respect between the two.

Said respect though doesn't stop Lupin from making a complete fool out of Ganimard repeatedly. Every time it seems as though the thief has been caught, he makes a daring escape despite insurmountable odds. Even with the help of Sherlock Holmes from time to time (or one of the many lawyer-friendly pastiches) Ganimard just can't seem to keep Lupin in his custody for very long. But despite this lop-sided track record, people STILL turn to him for help whenever they receive a letter in the mail from the master burglar, or have had their possessions pilfered. And he never gives up.

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