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Inspector Chafik J. Chafik of the Baghdad Police was created by Charles B. Child (1903 - 1993) and appeared, starting in 1947, in Collier’s Magazine one of the most prestigious of the “slick cover” magazines, where they were among the most popular with all of them being reprinted in their annual “Best Detective Stories of the Year.”

The stories, which were called not only “superlatively constructed exercises in detection,” but were also subtle looks at a different place, time and culture as the stories followed Inspector Chafik, his wife Leila and his adopted son Faisal as he sought out truth and justice during the turmoil of that followed World War II during the period of the monarchy and Iraq’s attempts find a place in the modern world.

A character and stories that you would hardly think of as fodder for a comic book, and yet he also was featured in several editions of “Super Detective Library” from Amalgamated / Fleetway.

I guess you just never can tell really.

Hmmmm… I wonder if Faisal Chafik is still around?

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