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Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus

She first appeared when she chased Sly who stole her profile on the Fiendish 5.

She then chased him to Sir Raleigh's hide out where she couldn't catch Sly and instead brought in Raleigh himself.

She then tracked him to Mesa City and after chasing him without his capture she is then forced to just take Muggshot and continue the case.

She then does the same for Mz. Ruby and Panda King.

During the Gang's mission in Russia, she someone managed to get there before them via Jetpack. She was then taken by Clockwerk and Sly with Gang rescue her, make a temporary alliance and together beat the old owl.

After the battle on the catwalk she keeps to her word and counts to 10 before chasing him. But he stays still which baffles her extremely. Sly kisses her on the lips locks her with her own cuffs on the catwalk and then runs off.

Between Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus and Sly 2

She is seen as a guest of Dimitri who discovers(thanks to Sly) that said Dimitri is a forger. While chasing Sly she says he would make a good cop. After a brief conversation between the 2 Sly escapes.

Sly 2: Band of Thieves

Taking place 1 yr after the first game, Carmelita and Constable Neyla have been hiding to catch Cooper. Sly manages to get away much to Carmelita's anger.

Carmelita then chases them to Paris and when not able to catch Cooper, she vents on Dimitri.

During the India operation, Sly dances with Carmelita who is a very skilled dancer and after he gets away with the clockwerk wings she blows her cover and makes arrests left and right.

When Constable Neyla manages to capture Sly, Carmelita is framed and captured by the evil Contessa.

Carmelita is soon rescued by Sly and gang and she then is forced to flee them for a few times.

Sly and Carmelita together fight and defeat Clock-La(Neyla taking over Clockwerk's body) in the end and Sly turns himself in, in order to allow his friends to get away.

While in the plane Sly and Carmelita tell alternative tellings of stories and what they like. In the end Sly escapes with the bottle of wine she had saved for the occasion of Sly's capture.

She then says "I'll be seeing you Ringtail". After credits of game she returns to her office to see the bottle of wine returned with a note from him.

Sly 3: Honor Amongst Thieves

She is first seen in Venice, where she is trying to take down the mob Boss Octavio. She even unwittingly helps the gang by defeating most of his goons. After the gang defeat Octavio she is seen taking him into custody.

She then chases them to the outback where she at the end gets taken by the Mask of Dark Earth and after the Mask is destroyed she is watched over by the Gang. In the morning the camera is labeled for evidence.

Carmelita next chases them to Holland and takes down Muggshot unwittingly helping the gang again.

She then chases them in China where she is used to charge up the Van's battery. Sly disguises himself as Tsao and tricks Carmelita into taking Tsao down at the wedding while disapointed at not taking down Sly she does take Tsao into custody.

She is notably absent at Blood Bath Bay and isn't seen until she saves Sly from Dr. M's monster. After the battle between Sly and Dr. M, Sly takes a blast from Dr. M that was intended for her. She then takes him down.

Sly now suffering from Amnesia is convinced by Carmelita that he is her partner Constable Cooper. At the end credits He is seen dancing with her revealing that the amnesia was faked.

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