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Insecticide is hired by Ricadonna to kill Humbug as she attempts to eliminate the entire Heroes for Hire team. Insecticide attacks Humbug in his Queens apartment and hopes to become famous after completing his assignment. Insecticides sprays Humbug with some pesticide as he attempts to runaway. Insecticide grabs Humbug and throws him through a door leading into another room. Insecticide enters the room and hears a constant buzzing sound. He turns on the lights and discovers the room was used as a massive hive for killer bees. Insecticide is swarmed by the bees and appears to die from the attack.


Insecticide was created by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, Francis Portela and Billy Tucci in 2007 and first appeared in Heroes for Hire # 4.

Powers & Abilities

Insecticide wore a power suit that may have granted him enhanced strength and fired a pesticide spray or foam poisonous to most insects. Insecticide also used gas canisters that would fumigate a room with the pesticide.

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