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As the Imperial High Inquisitor during Galactic Civil war, and an apprentice of Darth Vader, but tremayne was first the padawan of Master Dav Kylanu. When his master died during the Clone Wars, Tremayne was captured by adversary troops, and was forced to sit out the rest of the war. With the rise of the New Order, he did not become victim of Order 66 of the Great Jedi Purge, and was instead taken to Byss with other young Jedi in training.There, he was recruited by Vader to be a founding affiliate of Imperial Intelligence, the Inquisitor.

Lo'gaan vs Tremayne

Tremayne fell to the dark side of the Force, and was committed to hunting rebel Jedis whose ability could potentially harm the Empire, none more so then the Jedi Padawan "Jodd Sonta" Drake Lo'gaan. Even though he failed to abduction or annihilate Lo'gaan, he was accustomed other tasks like the analysis and conversion of Jedis on distant worlds. He was able to persuade many to choose the life of Inquisitorius, and become very skilled at being an interrogator. Tremayne was better than his Inquisitorius, and was generally called upon by COMPNOR and Imperia intelligence when airy situations arose.


Soon Tremayne's name became known throughout the universe, feared by both allies and adversaries alike. He became fixated with the Jedi, Corwin Shelvay but that turned out disastrous for Tremayne, for he ended up losing his eye and hand. However, he was able to destroy the Jedi master Darrin Arkanian, which led to his self-confidence being incresed in the process. He was given command of a ship,which he used to eradicate the rebel defectors. When the Empire fell, Tremayne has partnered with other alumni and former apprentice of Vader, Hethrir.


Eric Trautmann and Simon Smith created Tremayne in 1993, as an NPC villain in Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. Tremayne first appeared in the supplement book, Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments from the rim, and was mentioned in passing in the next book, Galaxy Guide 10: Bounty hunters. In 1995, during the initial planning of the DarkStryder, Tremayne was considered for use as an enemey in the series. However that was canceleddue to Kaiya Adrimetrum character, the protagonist, and the captain of the ship Farsta New Republic, made his first appearance in the as book as Tremayne, Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments of the Rim. This information was revealed in a "Behind the Scenes" article in 1996 in Endgame, the final book in the series DarkStryder. character's first appearance was in 1996 and was used as a central character in Patricia Jackson's Star Wars Adventure Journal story, The Longest Fall. In the same year, the scenario mentioned in Galaxy Guide 9 would explain more Eric S. Trautmann's Dark Vendetta.

Tremayne appeared as the one of the main character in Dark Vendetta, and provided evidence of a back story for him. It also presented a portrait of his that conflicted with his description in Galaxy Guide 9 as a "thin man." With the advent of the prequels in 1999, details of his past suddenly conflicted with the elements created by George Lucas in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, like the timeline of palpatine's transformation to Emperor, the Jedi Purge, and Anakin Skywalker becoming Darth Vader. Dark Vendetta says that Palpatine had risen to the position of the emperor, while the Jedi Order was still active, and " Darth Vader" has also been in existence at that time. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith however shows that the destruction of the Jedi Order was simultaneous with the rise of Palpatine. Paul Ens would later reconciled these, as who would use Tremayne as the main antagonist in his 2005-2006 series webstrip, evasive action. Ens also gave the character a first name "Antinnis. Although some facts are reconciliated, Dark Vengeance still have some inconsistent with Evasive Action: Recruitment. In Dark Vendetta, tremayne seemed to experience a flashback, in which Vader gradually recruited him to join the Empire, while Evasive Action: Recruitment shows that the conversion was almost immediately.

Character Evolution

Shelvay vs Tremayne

Vanity was one of the traits that Tremayne was constantly reprimanded by his two masters. Master Kylanu he hated and tried to brake that bad habbit to no avail. Lord Vader however had a more direct approach, he inflict severe violence upon the Inquisitor when he became too overconfident. Vanity led to Tremayne's down fall when he fought Shelvay, for he thought he could predict Shelvay's movement in the duel. When he lost his arm and eye, Vader had personally selected the heavy and ugly prostheses, as a constant reminder for Tremayne for his vanity and self-confidence. Tremayne passion, however, would serve him well from time to time because it made him join the Inquisitorius initially.

Vader and Tremayne

Tremayne was notorious for developing obsessions, for the first time in the case of Drake Lo'gaan. Tremayne chased Lo'gaan, a man much younger than he, for several months, and even ignored the possibility of finding more fugitive Jedi on distant worlds in order to hunt young padawan. Eventually grew too emotionally involved in the case, which outraged his master, Vader. He also tried to hide his failures from Vader but that was in vain. In the case of the Jedi fugitive Shelvay Corwin, Tremayne was obsessed to the point that he even had Shelvay's parents killed, and captured his sister. When Shelvay proven to be one of the few who resist Tremayne's "interview" technique, and escaped the Imperial Centre,Tremayne was initially welcomed the fact that he grew in strength, but eventually turned to the search Jedi fugitives once again.

Tremayne hated failure, and was quick to punish incompetent officers. Under his command, he went though incredible amount of commanders in a short period of time, killing most officers for slightest mistake, and sometimes even killed the wrong man. When he himself failed, he was quick to conceal it from his master, and will not hesitate to shift the blame to others. Vader often penalized Tremayne for his failures, inspiring the Inquisitor to be more careful in future.

Tremayne wasn't known for his honor, he even killed Master Arkanian who was unarmed in cold blood. he even had innocent family members of Shelvay executed for no good reason other than to reach Shelvay Corwin, and ordered troops to fire on helpless slaves. He often used unarmed and innocent people as bait in traps, and will be summarily executed by officers, in a slow and painful suffocation.

Tremayne believed in the Empire, and sometimes gave voice to his patriotic attitude. He believed that Deathstars representing the strongest elements of policy by Palpatine and that the destruction of Alderaan was offset by the destruction of two super-weapons.

Despite its flaws, Tremayne was considered a good looking, whose attitude wasa polite and courteous. His victims, sometimes even considered him as a "friend" and that helped him extract information from them. He used his prosthetics chosen for him by Vader to strike fear in hia enemies, and often use their high-efficiency resonant voice. Other then that, he was as generally calm and soft-spoken individual.

Major Story Arcs

Jedi Order

As a child, Antinnis Tremayne was gave the Jedi Order, to be disciplined as a Jedi Knight although, contrary to other Jedi, he continued to keep in touch with his family, namely his mother. As he hit the age of fifteen, he was chosen by Jedi Master Dav Kylanu as an apprentice. Soon, Tremayne was rebuked for his vain nature and Kylanu schooled him that truth was more crucial to the Jedi. in spite of Kylanu's presence, Tremayne developed increasingly intrigued by the dark side of the Force, a pursuit that caused worry amongst the rest of the Order. Nonetheless, Tremayne campaigned in the Clone Wars, over time mission, the barbarism of the conflict deeply impacted the young man.


Order 66

With the birth of the New Order and Order 66, the Jedi Order was subsequently destroyed, with the actual Jedi gone into hiding. Tremayne was one of those captured by agents of Palpatine, and was taken to the Deep Core of Byss. There, beneath the administration of Sly Moore, he was kept in bastille forth with other captive padawan. When Darth Vader came on Byss, he was told by his master, Palpatine, to hand pick the best students for the new Inquisitorius Jedi-hunters. Unarmed Vader calmly fended off padawans, and mocked for their inferior skills. While Vader was the busy choking two prisoners,Tremayne saw an opportunity: Vader's breathing apparatus on his chest. He pushed a button on the panel, causing the Vader to drop the prisoners and started panting. Vader impressed called four abeyant students: Ap Gwellib Llewff, Lanu Pasiq, Halmere, and Tremayne, while the res of the padawanswere executed. Now as Darth Vader's apprentice, Tremayne inevitably fell to the dark side of the Force.


Right after the recruitment, Tremayne entered a battle affair with his adolescent Inquisitors. As Vader watched them duel, Tremayne told his new adept of the Jedi presence, and rumors from the lower levels of a rogue Padawan. During the duel, Vader chastised Tremayne for getting on the defensive, and ordered him to attack. When Tremayne had acquired the high duke over all of his adolescent Inquisitors, Vader ordered him to coursing down and abort the Jedi.

At first Tremayne's assignments was giving speeches at the on Coruscant's Jrade Commune. Heapproved Palpatine's behavior and hinted at the new Humansupremacy that would boss the galaxy. He aswell talked about progression in the New Order, and told the young admirers that they would be excluded from the curfew and that they join COMPNOR.Tremayne aswell offered jobs to those who wanted a pay. After his speech, he had Halmere getthe names of all those present, as he detected the presence of a jedi within the crowd.

With Halmere's data, it was came to know that three humans at the Jrade commune drive had ambiguous backgrounds. Jodd Sonta was the one that admiring Tremayne's attention, and he accomplished stormtroopers to apprehend the young doubtable Jedi. They failed, however, and Sonta escaped. Nevertheless, Tremayne had gleaned that Sonta had absorption in the carriage that was due to leave from DN6-4435 for Byss.Right before departure, he had his troops seize the ship,and boarded it himself, hoping to find Sonta. The ship turned out to be a slave ship, filled with non-Humans that were planned to work on Palpatine's bastion on Byss.

Of course Sonta was there in a disguise, infiltrated the ship, and Tremayne met him in the hallways. Sonta waslooking for his companion and fellow Padawan Zonder, which, as Selonian was a member of the group of slaves.Tremayne tell the location of Selonian during a fight between him and Sonta, and another ally of young Jedi, Ekira used theknowledge to her advantage. As she found Zonder, Tremayne and Sonta fouth, and the young Jedi was offered a place in within the organization by the inquisitor. The Jedi declined, however, and the pair squared, with lightsabers drawn. After the duel, Sonta Tremayne kicked in the face, forcing Termayne to lay down his arms.

As Tremayne fled their limitations while Sonta fled, and ordered his troops to fire on foreign-resistant, who had pushed back the other inquisitors. He also gave ordes the ship to leave as soon as possible. Sonta and his companions escaped, but the young Jedi decided to warn Onnelly Praja, a young woman on the transport. Tremayne grabbed him and tried to stop him, but again escaped Sonta, open a window and jump in the Imperial City. Tremayne, angry and embarrassed, told his fellow Inquisitors to keep secret his failure from Vader, and vowed to capture padawans before the return of the Dark Lord.

The pursuit of Drake Lo'gaan

Soon, Inquisitor Tremayne was sent to far away world, the hunting Jedis, namely Gotal and a Zeltron. He couldn't achieve capturing them alive as Gotal sacrificed himself to defend his people and Zeltron died during interrogation. During questioning, however, Inquisitor learned the location of other Jedi, Niebur Boton. However, he had difficulty working with the Imperial Intelligence Director Armand Isard After coming back to Coruscant, he he expressed his grievance to Darth Vader, who said he would talk to Isard. He then questioned Inquisitor Pasiq regarding Sonta's whereabouts, but she no new leads.

The next day, at the headquarters of Imperial Intelligence, the Inquisitors began to look for Sonta by studying the camera and the media feeds. He was approached by Isard, who complained that Inquisitorius's parameters were too broad, and took a lot of intelligence resources. Later, Inquisitor Pasiq found a news report, including a pair of Omwati who had been attacked the night before and was rescued by a trio with seemingly superhumanability. Tremayne had no doubt that the trio were indeed Lo'gaan and his comrades, so Tremayne began to plan a trap.

He wanted to sent the residence Omwati, but does not take into account the presence of Boushh, a bounty hunter of the Black Sun, who had been responsible for the elimination of Kodo Finn Tremayne's troops stormed in, capturing the Bounty Hunter and Jedi. However as Tremayne came in, Sonta escaped by jumping out a nearby window in the same way ashe did in the previous month. Frustrated again, Tremayne returned to his quarters to meditate.

While meditating, he saw Prince Xizor hitting on Inquisitor Pasiq. Xizor began to tell the truth about Tremayne's past events that not even Tremayne was aware of, including his first name. Xizor said he was aware of the search for failure. Xizor blackmailed Tremayne into giving him information about Vader.

Later Tremayne was bourght before Xizor,where the Falleen Prince had a gift for the Inquisitor. The gift had one condition and that was for Tremayne to give Darth vader a holographic recording of a meeting which Orman Tagge and Palpatine had. Tremayne provisionally agreed, and Xizor unveiled his gift: captured Padawan Zonder, a comrade of Sonta. Back home Inquisitorius Tremayne began brutally interrogated Zonder with help from Pasiq Zonder. Selonian fierce resistance onl raised the Lord Vader attention.

Vader ordered the release of the Selonian, handed to him his lightsaber, and then turn on his communication device and sends a hologram to Sonta and Ekria. Tremayne witnessed as Dark Lord dueled with Zonder severe wounding him before beheading him. Vader knew tha this would bring the rebels out of hiding for the quest for revenge. Dark Lord began to quesion his student, demanding to know why he had kept secret Jedi fugitives.He strangled Tremayne, before displaying Tagge's holoerecording. After this, Tremayne was tod that he would be given extra help in capturing Sonta. Tremayne was also able to discover the real name of Sonta, Drake Lo'gaan.

Commander Bly

Help arrived in the form of Armand Isard and Clone Commander Bly, who had failed to capture the Padawans on Felucia when section 66 came. Bly revealed what he knew about Ekrica, a talented slicer. Isard has adjusted the tactics accordingly, and Imperials quickly learned lo'gaan's whereabouts. During low altitude Assault Transport to the site, they came only to see it torn apart by explosives. Pasiq said that the Padawans had perished in the explosion, but Tremayne sensed them leaving the ship.

As Ekria jumped from the speeder, inquisitor ordered Bly to continue hunting Lo'gaan. As Lord Vader was about to leave from Platfrom NL1922 for a trip to Tepasi. Lo'gaan tried to attack vader, but the bodyguards of the Dark Lord Noghri were able to stop him. Tremayne apologized for his failure, but Vader did not care, instead just commanded the inquisitor to find the girl. However he failed, Ekria escaped to Tepasi. There both Lo'gaan and Ekria are believed to have been killed.

Arden Lyn and promotion

Tremayne along with other inquisitor, Ameesa Dary, were recruitedby the Grand Inquisitor Torbin Laddinare to assist in the capture of Arden Lyn,an elderly woman, who has been alive for over 25,000 years. She was also Teras Kasi's master, and proved more than a match for both junior inquisitors. Dary died during the fight, and Tremayne suffered serious injuries the hand of Lyn. As Torbin intervened in the fightby a severing Lyn's arm, Tremayne moved to kill, but the Grand Inquisitor had odered that Palpatine may have a use for the old warrior. however treymayne never forgot the damage Arden layn caused him.

Tremayne was eventually promoted to the elevated position of the Grand Inquisitor, and was rumored to be one of the emperor's right hand man. In fact, he was only answered to most respected advisers of Palpatine, Grand Inquisitors, but of course Palpatine himself, and Darth Vader.Since losing to Lo'gaan on the slave ship in previous years,Treymayne's lightsaber skills has increased highly. Treymayne ended up being feared throughout the Outer Rim territories, and be became infamous as a master torturer. However, the Imperial Intelligence are more than adequate for interrogation, so Tremayne spent most time looking for potential Dark Side Adepts. He soon found them in isolated communities in the form of shamans. Tremayne also had no qualms about foreign recruit who were Force-sensitive to his cause. That success soon led him to believe that he would one day rise to the position of the Grand Inquisitor.


While few Jedi were incorruptible, there were those who were easily manipulated to fight for Emperor's cause. Jerec was one of those, Mira Luka Jedi Master, who had taken a sabbatical and into the unknown regions during the Clone Wars, and now hunts Jedi artifacts. Tremayne, found him there, and instead of killing the Jedi, he was offered that if Jerec become member of Inquisitorius that he would live through Palpatine's New Order. Jerec does not care enough to follow the ideals of the Jedi at the expense of his life, and willingly accepted the offer. Another Tremayne findings, which would increase awareness of the New Order was Firrerreo Hethrir, and his first mate Rillao. After finding the pair, he tortured them, hoping to gather information on the whereabouts of the fugitive Jedi. They turned out to be not a Jedi, and had no affiliation with Jedi. Believe that the couple will make adequate Dark Side Adepts, Tremayne took them to his master for training. In the time it will develop a rivalry with the apprentice Hethrir.

Hunting Shelva

Elena Shelvay

Many years after the hunt for Lo'gaan, Tremayne discovered a new obsession with: Shelvay Corwin, who was also affiliated with those who resisted the New Order. Before he could reach Shelvay, killed the parents of the Jedi, and forced his sister Elena to join COMPNOR. After being captured Corwin underwent the full COMPNOR intelligence and interrogation before being handed over to the inquisitor. At this point, Tremayne was able to break all the prisoners they had captured, but Shelvay proved to be the exception, resisting the brutal violence and torture for two weeks. Before Tremayne had the opportunity to question Shelvay even more, the Jedi's master, Darrin Arkanian, helped him escape.

When Tremayne came to know that Shelvay had escaped, he ordered a team of troops to go and find the Jedi. Fortunately for Tremayne, his methods of torture had damaged Shelvay so much that his master had no choice but to carry Shelvay which made their escape even more harder. Tremayne finally found them in the yard close to the point of departure, and a lightsaber duel between Traymayne and Arkanian soon followed.


Tremayne soldiers soon arrived at the scene, and the Inquisitor tired of the duel, threatened to kill Shelvay if Arkanian did not give up. The Sullustan agreed, and deactivated his lightsaber, hoping that would free Shelvay from Treymayne. The inquisitor did not do that , instead killed arkanian in front of Shelvay. Tremayne stood proudly over Arkanian's body, the first Jedi master he ever killed. Shelvay reaction howerever was much more violent. The young Padawan's rage over the death his master made him access the dark side of the force, he then took the blade of his master and attacked Treymayne with a vengeance. The Grand Inquisitor found struggling to defend himself, and did not expect this Orthodox attacks by Shelvay. As a result, Treymayne lost his arm and his eye to the blade of the young Jedi.


Tremayne woke up in a medical ward only to see that he now had a new prosthetic arm and eye. Droids told treymayne that his master, Lord Vader, was chosen the prostheses particularly because of their heavy and unattractive properties, hoping that would curb the ego of the inquisitor. As Tremayne raged that he had been beaten by a Padawan, Vader intervened and chastised him for his failure. His only consolation is dead Arkanian, Tremayne promised to find shelvay and kill him. For the moment, he was satisfied with the knowledge that his dark side knowledge must be increased by the next time they met. He used his cybernetics to his advantage, because they instilled fear in bystanders. Tremayne once again decided to hunt fo Shelvay.

Empire Reborn

Kyle Katarn

Now the Ministry of Justice, the Empire Reborn was formed by Hethrir in 4 ABY After the first death of the Emperor at Endor.As the Prosecutor has attracted powerful allies in the breakaway faction in the power vacuum left by Palpatine, Tremayne was able to contribute to the efforts of his former rival. Although Tremayne became ally with Hethrir, hekept his involvement with him a secret. By the time of 12 ABY, he told the existence of the Valley of the Jedi to the prosecution. Hethrir curiously sent his other ally, Desann locate and exploit the valley. Desann efforts, however, were spoiled by the New Republic agent, namely Kyle Katarn.

Galactic Civil War

Ahnjai Rahmma

Shortly before the Battle of Yavin, Tremayne came across a slave Force-sensitive named Leesub Sirln. Sirln was chosen to serve the Empire inquisitor as a follower of the Force. However Sirln fled the custody of Tremayne, and escaped to Tatooine,inquisitive was left empty-handed. After the Battle of Yavin, was Tremayne took command of the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Interrogator. He also achieved thlife debt of Srrors'tok Ahnjai Rahmma, who served him as his bodyguard. Rahmma hated both Treymayne and the Empire, but in his culture there is nothing more important than fulfilling life debt until his death or the death of Tremayne.In return Tremayne treated Rahmma badly, belittling him him in front of his colleagues, and sent him many times a dangerous assassination missions. At this time Tremayne was respected by both allies and enemies as one of the most powerful active inquisitors.

During the war, the development of new detention documents were made by Tremayne called Legan Authorization for Advanced Confinement documents, or "LAACDocs. These documents made the Imperial staff to use all the methods necessary to arrest those wanted by high-inquisitors. No evidence or proof is needed when using LAACDoc and Moff, generals, prefects and the like could not stop those who have chosen until the investigator has come to question, and Vader supported Tremayne.


Although often mocked his master tactics and modus operandi but Tremayneas had often imitated the command style of Vader. He does not tolerate failure or delay on board the ship, and executed the officers who do not fulfill their duties to perfection. He executed Captain Nolaan and has steadily went through the eliminating all who had been Nolaan's friends except Vharing Jovan. Vharing replaced Nolaan as captain, but during an expedition through the area of space known as Nharqis'I, a calculation error has occurred. Leeds Lieutenant intercepted what he thought was a rebel transmission as Vharing was asleep, and called TIE bombers to destroy the source of the transmission.


However, the atmosphere of Qlothos ravaged the missiles of the TIE Bombers, which led to death of more than sixty Imperia citizens on the Planet. Tremayne, after hearing this, Vharing was called to Tremayne's "interview" room. Vharing left waiting outside the room for a long time, shaken with fear. After three hours of waiting, Vharing was allowed to come in the room only to end up having his neck broken by Tremayne. Soon Tremayne remined all under his command what waits them if they do not follow his orders.

Many years later, Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin tried a coup d'etat, and seized the Emperor Palpatine inthe Imperial Centre with the help of former right hand of the emperor, Arden Lyn. Tremayne helped Lord Vader and Maarek Stele to thwart to stop the attempt, as the Grand Admiral Thrawn was given the order to hunt down Zaarin, Tremayne was given to the task to find Lyn. The inquisitor was still bitterabout the beating he had received years before by Lyn,but was unable to find or kill her.

When an inquisitor named Adalric Brandl turned rogue and left the Empire, Tremayne was sent to capture him. He was able to catch Brandl, and inflicted a wound in the hand of the fugitives, but the fugitive escaped to Najiba. Soon after, Brandl was captured by Etnam's flagship. Tremayne was Contacted Etnam, who was willing to allow Tremayne to "interview" Brandl. However, Brandl has managed to fool Etnam and fake his own death before Tremayne arrived.

Powers and abilities

Originally Tremayne's greatest asset was his ability to exploit opportunities, other than his actual capability to use the Force. While he was able to defeat his fellow inquisitors into battle, it was hard for him to get Drake Lo'gaan. He also defeated humiliatingly by Arden Lyn. In the following years he improved his dueling skills to the point that he thought was very adept. His skills would serve him well against Darrin Arkanian, but once again failed him when he faced Corwin Shelvay.

Tremayne turned more skillful and was the able to extract information on the prisoners. Empire and intelligence COMPNOR were generally quite effective in dealing with those prisoners, but in special cases they delivered to their Inquisitorius the quarries. Moving away from the more cruel interrogation style of his master, he often playing a psychological fear with his victims before he began the interview. he would often portray himself as the victim's "friend" and lead them in a delicate debate to loosen their tongues and allow himself to collect the relevant information. If that failed he would move to a more "persuasive" ways that would usually kill or seriously wound the subject. Tremayne was notorious for being master of torture, and very few were able to survived his "interrogation".

Tremayne was also infamous for his ability to convert adherents to the cause of Inquisitorius. He managed to locate Force-sensitive individuals in the far away worlds. Would never pass up the opportunity to convert someone, and portrayed joining the Inquisitorius as an attractive option for his victims.

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