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Current Events

After freeing Helios, the Dark One tries to take power of him but is unsuccessful. Instead Helios attempts to burn the Dark One alive. After a brief battle the forces of the Dark One (Cindy, Morrigan, Beast, Venus) quickly retreat leaving the group of heroes (Sela, Samantha Darren, Britney Waters, Marcus) and the other group of villains (Baba Yaga, Sea Witch and Siren) alone to face Helios. He is not directly interested in battle but instead in being free. He meets Gina Bark who has assumed a fire-based appearance due to her powers. He believes her to be the reincarnation of her lost love and they depart together and begin a plan to burn the world. They are intercepted on the Great Wall of China where they attempt to manipulate Helios by threatening to imprison Gina in the sun. The Dark One's forces return once again and make matters worse as they lie to Helios about the intentions of the heroes. They escape once again as do the Dark One's forces. The heroes quickly reconvene and decide to use the stone from the bauble to attack the fire-beings. They meet them in battle once again and although they are unable to stop the threat of Helios, they are able to reduce him in power substantially. They take it as a small victory. Samantha asks Britney and Marcus if they would also like to be Guardians of the Nexus, though in a subordinate role. In Las Vegas, Innocence visits the Dark One and informs him that he will soon die at the hands of Baba Yaga. Elsewhere Venus is angered at Baba because of the disfiguration she suffered after an attack by Helios. One of the other members of the hero team - Patricia - is attacked inside her home and killed. Seemingly some group is targeting falsebloods as they seem to be a threat.


An ancient being in the universe whose past is never revealed.

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