My picks for the Season Pass

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1. Martain Manhunter

2. Lobo

3. Red Hood


Whats your 4 picks?

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Those are PERFECT dlc chaarcters! 100% AGREE! Wildcat man finally a fan of him lol good choices good choices.

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1.Martian Manhunter



4.Blue Beetle

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1.Martian Manhunter


3.Starfire or Supergirl or PowerGirl

4. Red Hood

I have a strong belief that I will like the DLC no matter what. I think it will either be characters I want, or the characters will look great.

( + )

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1. Lobo

2. Red Hood

3. Starfire

4. Beast Boy or Jonah Hex (can't decide)

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Who I believe will wind up DLC:

1. Lobo

2. Martian Manhunter

3. Black Canary

4. Captain Cold or Mirror Master

Who I wish for in the future:

1. Starfire

2. Beast Boy

3. Swamp Thing

4. Zatanna or Doctor Fate

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