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Alright this will take along time so I will put as much as I can in here a day. I might not even be able to get to 100 skins to be honest, but I will try! Please make sugeestions! Thanks, I hope you guys will enjoy this. I will be adding pictures too, so please when suggesting add pictures!

Once I get more ideas for alt skins I will trim down Bats and Supes numbers, I want to make this some what evenly as possible...

Skins (41/100)


  • New 52
  • Ocean Master


  • Blue armor


  • New 52

  • Secret 6


  • Classic
  • 666
  • Owlman
  • Gaslight
  • Talon
  • DCUO
  • TDKRises
  • TDKReturns

Black Adam

  • New 52



  • New 52


  • New 52


  • Prisoner

The Flash

  • Dark Flash

Green Arrow

  • New 52

Green Lantern

  • John Stewart
  • Hal Red Ring
  • Kyle Rayner

Harley Quinn


  • Classic
  • Blackest Night

The Joker

  • DCUO
  • DOTF Faceless

Killer Frost

Lex Luthor


  • Dick as Batman
  • Tim Drake
  • Tim Drake New 52




  • Green Lantern
  • White Lantern

Solomon Grundy

  • Earth 2


  • Classic
  • Superman Beyond
  • Ultraman
  • Cyborg Superman
  • Man Of Steel movie
  • Blackest Night

Wonder Woman

  • Kingdom Come
  • Sapphire Ring
  • Blackest Night

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Earth 2 - Solomon Grundy

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Secret six bane

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Green Lantern/White Lantern Sinestro, Parallax Hal, All-Star Lex Luthor.

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Green Lantern

-Sapphire Ring Hal

Wonder Woman

-Sapphire Ring Diana

-Kingdom Come Diana

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Nice! I want Damian Wayne Batman.

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@ccraft: No he didn't, he just replicated Superman's powers in the form of a fluid. I just thought it'd be cool for him to sport the outfit he had but sadly, he relies on the immensely bulky suit of armour in Injustice :/

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@deranged_midget: Maybe have Lex as Superman alt skin with purple suit and the green coat.

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I swear, if they put in rainbow Batman...

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A Jason Todd skin for Deathstroke

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@joewell: Jason Todd will most likely become DLC, hes 2nd most request character. Plus the Sword and Rifle would look weird on Jason.

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Bane from TDKrises
Azrael Batman
Batman Zur-en-Arh
Batman Zero Year suit from the latest Batman #21
Batman Fracture Future from DC Online
Batman Beyond
Heath Ledger Joker
Jack Nicholson Joker
Superman Solar suit from Allstar Superman

If Amalgam skins were possible.. Dark Claw and Super Soldier!!

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(Aquaman: New 52, Ocean master, Tempest, Aquaman one million, AJ as Aquaman, Sea camo)

(Batgirl: New 52, Stephanie Brown I could care less to be honest.)

(Batman: DCUO Future Batman, Batwing, Batman of 666, Lantern versions, Batman one million)

(Cyborg: New 52, DCUO future cyborg)

(The Flash: Dark Flash, Reverse Flash ( I know they have different powers but the skin would be cool), Flash one mil)

(Green Arrow: New 52, Connor Hawke)

(Nightwing: Batman, Red Robin, Classic Nightwing suit)

(Sinestro: Green Lantern)

(Superman: Steel (the suit was made to mimic superman), Eradicator I love most of his suits, Superboy the Tshirt version, Nightwing Lor-Zod, Superman 1 mil and Mon-El)

(Zod: Man of Steel, Jax-Ur, Superboy prime)

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