pyrogram's Injustice: Gods Among Us #4 - Chapter 4 review


Ekk, where to start? This issue was packed with awesome. The joker telling Batman how this was "easy mode" and he was bored of Batman beating him constantly, so he decides to easily do some damage to superman. Batman was annoyed at this - He had no idea why he would go after somebody like superman. It confused him.

You can FEEL the upset and anger in Superman when he is fighting Green lantern, humiliating him by taking the ring and instantly regretting it. This is a must read for DC fans. Easily.

When Superman Kills Joker..Woah. Batmans face is priceless.

The art was amazing yet AGAIN. For how cheap this is, its really worth its money.

A must read. again, easily!


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    AWESOME!!! 0

    I am known for nit picking comics, but this? THIS GRRRR actually was really damn good the Injustice series I have to say is blowing me away. Every issue that comes out hasn't disappointed the art is awesome and the dialog is all within character.If you are a series DC heroes fan you MUST get this series, I actually hate to say this but it is MUCH better than anything the new 52 has thrown out thus far. Kinda wish THIS was the main DCUThe expressions the body language all of it nice and clean wit...

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    Amazing 0

    This Comic Book Series has yet to disappoint me, it's so good! Ed boon and the rest of Netherrealm are doing a great job! Issue #4 was nothing less than awe inspiring. Now, I'm not going to spoil anything, but the cheap $0.99 comic leaves you with your mouth OPEN! Then you just stare at it for a while. This has seemed to happen to me for every single one so far. I really can't wait for next Tuesday, to see what Netherealm is going to add to that amazing cliffhanger....

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