Injustice: Gods Among Us #2

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The Good 

In spite of this issue revolving around a seriously bleak plot point for Superman, it was a really, really fun read. From Batman's quip about being held ("Just go fast enough that no one can see us") to Flash literally being a couch potato and then in the city a mere moment later, this short comic was highly amusing.  
Writer Tom Taylor is doing an impressive job with the limited amount of pages at his disposal. So far, both issues have been able to pack a lot of developments into such a short space. This issue of course expands on last week's cliffhanger and brings in a whole new batch of familiar faces. Thanks to the talented art team, the new costumes totally work in panel and seeing each character use their abilities (even if it's limited to just one panel) looks great. It makes me wonder if I'll have a new appreciation for the new designs when I get around to playing the game. 
I imagine Superman's initial conversation might seem off-putting to some, but I think it's a very fitting response. He has a new and completely valid reason to be overly protective of Lois and when it comes to the Joker, Batman's mind is a greater resource in this case than Superman's vast array of powers (especially considering Joker has all of this prep time and kryptonite at his disposal).

The Bad 

Not only does the Joker have Doomsday under his command, but he was hanging out with him in the confined space of a submarine? I really hope this is somehow explained in the next issue because I'm not seeing what's stopping the huge foe from turning the Clown into paste (or is it the fear gas?).  Also, Superman tosses the submarine, yet Joker and Harley are standing just fine after the impact. I imagine something like that would knock them on their rears. 
While I think the art is solid, there's a few examples of way too much shading and a major lack of detail. It's by no means jarring, but it certainly is noticeable.

The Verdict 

We know things need to take one helluva dark turn for Superman to make such a drastic change and so far this script is doing an able job building us up to that breaking point. I can only imagine what Joker and Harley Quinn were doing to Lois. What's their master plan? Throw in a potential Superman vs. Doomsday and you bet I'm stoked for next Tuesday! 

I'm legitimately loving this digital comic.  It's concise, looks fantastic and simply a good time. At just $0.99, there's no reason to miss out on this if you're pumped for the game.

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