michael_rhodes7374's Injustice: Gods Among Us #1 review

Far better than expected!

This series is basically made to be a prequel to set up the upcoming video game of the same name and to be honest it blew me away. Basically Superman is married to Lois in this issue and he learns that she is pregnant. After she goes out in the middle of the night she disappears causing the whole Justice League to get involved with their only lead being that the Joker is involved. Without spoiling anything I must say that there were a lot of twists and turns in this story that caught me off guard and the ending of this issue ended up being very well written but also very heart wrenching. Each and every one of the characters is written just right and the story is excellent. All of the humor works as well. The artwork is also incredible and I love all of the suits here, especially Batman’s. The only costume I didn’t like was Harley Quinn’s but that is probably the game’s fault rather than the comics. The only thing I should really point out to readers though is that this has a high level of blood and violence so keep that in mind. Regardless of whether or not you like video games though I think that this is definitely an issue worth reading.

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