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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 77: Shoker At Myogi! (三つどもえ 戦慄の妙義!! "Mitsudomoe Senritsu no Myōgi!!")
  • Chapter 78: Great Racers Cast Long Shadows (最強軍団の影 "Saikyō Gundan no Kage")
  • Chapter 79: Doomsday Weapon of the Mountain Road (掟やぶりのスーパーウエポン "Okite Yaburi no Sūpāuepon")
  • Chapter 80: How To Soup Up An Eight Six: Phase One (ハチロク ターボ化計画パート(1) "Hachi Roku Tābo ka Keikaku Pāto ( 1 )")
  • Chapter 81: Forever Rivals (宿命のライバル "Shukumei no Raibaru")
  • Chapter 82: Chance of Victory: Zero Percent (勝率0パーセント!! "Shōritsu 0 Pāsento!!")
  • Chapter 83: Evo IV Attacks (エボIV出撃 "Ebo IV Shutsugeki")
  • Chapter 84: The Threat Known As Emperor (エンペラーの脅威 "Enperā no Kyōi")
  • Chapter 85: Next Victim: The Eight Six! (ハチロク出撃 秋名山でむかえうて!! "Hachi Roku Shutsugeki Akinasan de Mukaeute!!")
  • Chapter 86: High Tech Versus Extreme Skills (ハイテクVS.スーパーテクニック "Haiteku VS. Sūpā Tekunikku")
  • Chapter 87: Premonition of Defeat (敗北の予感 "Haiboku no Yokan")

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