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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 66: Keisuke Takahashi Doesn't Have a Blind Spot! (高橋啓介に死角なし!! "Takahashi Keisuke ni Shikaku Nashi!!")
  • Chapter 67: Fiece Hill Climbing Battle! (激闘ヒルクライム!! "Gekitō Hirukuraimu!!")
  • Chapter 68: Conflicting Pride! (激突するプライド!! "Gekitotsu Suru Puraido!!")
  • Chapter 69: Chasing Strange High Tech Fighters! (驚異のハイテク戦闘機を追え!! "Kyōi no Haiteku Sentōki wo oe!!")
  • Chapter 70: How Far Can the FD-3S Go!? (そこまで曲がるかFD-3S!! "Soko Made Magaru ka FD-3S!!")
  • Chapter 71: Keisuke Takahashi, Sharp Man! (キレる男 高橋啓介!! "Kire ru Otoko Takahashi Keisuke!!")
  • Chapter 72: Starting Information!? (ステアリング インフォメーション "Sutearingu Infomēshon")
  • Chapter 73: Downhill In the Rain!! (見せてくれ 雨のダウンヒル!! "Misete Kure Ame no Daunhiru!!")
  • Chapter 74: Earie Outside Power! (不気味なエリア外新勢力!! "Bukimi na Eria Gai Shin Seiryoku!!")
  • Chapter 75: The Terror of A Rain Battle! (レインバトルの恐怖を知れ!! "Reinbatoru no Kyōfu wo Shire!!")
  • Chapter 76: Unsurpassed Driver, Standout Genius! (絶叫ドライブ つきぬける天才!! "Zekkyō Doraibu Tsukinukeru Tensai!!")

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