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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 55: For You, I Will Do Anything! (君のためならオレはやる "Kimi no Tame Nara Ore ha Yaru")
  • Chapter 56: The Unknown Challenge! (未知への挑戦!! "Michi heno Chōsen!!")
  • Chapter 57: Bunta's Predictions. Takumi Will Not Lose! (文太の予言 拓海は負けねえ!! "Bunta no Yogen Takumi ha Make Nē!!")
  • Chapter 58: Hot Wind! Intense! Usui Hills! (熱風!!激走!!碓氷峠 "Neppū!! Gekisō!! Usui Tōge")
  • Chapter 59: Takumi, the Charm of Superior Drifting! (魅せろ拓海のスーパードリフト!! "Misero Takumi no Sūpā Dorifuto!!")
  • Chapter 60: Comeback! The Free Feeling of Control! (とりもどせ最速のコンビネーション!! "Torimodose Saisoku no Konbinēshon!!")
  • Chapter 61: The Final Battle! (決着 "Ketchaku")
  • Chapter 62: No Retreat! (引退なんかしないもん!! "Intai Nanka Shinai Mon!!")
  • Chapter 63: End of the Summer Love! (ジ·エンド·オブ·サマー "Ji.Endo.Obu.Samā")
  • Chapter 64: End of the Summer Love! End Edition (?) (ジ·エンド·オブ·サマー完結編(?) "Ji.Endo.Obu.Samā Kanketsu Hen (?)")
  • Chapter 65: The Big Plan! (進行するプロジェクト "Shinkō Suru Purojekuto")

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