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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 44: Drift VS. Drift! (ドリフト対ドリフト "Dorifuto Tai Dorifuto")
  • Chapter 45: Takumi's Tough Battle, First Time Pressure! (拓海苦戦はじめてのプレッシャー "Takumi Kusen Hajimete no Puresshā")
  • Chapter 46: Last Resort! (絶体絶命 "Zettaizetsumei")
  • Chapter 47: Painful Mistake! (痛恨のアンダーステア "Tsūkon no Andāsutea")
  • Chapter 48: Ryousuke's Miscalculation! (涼介の誤算 "Ryōsuke no Gosan")
  • Chapter 49: Beautiful Pass! (火花散らすラインクロス!! "Hibana Chirasu Rain Kurosu!!")
  • Chapter 50: Going Towards A New Level! (新境地へ向けて "Shin Kyōchi He Mukete")
  • Chapter 51: Maybe I'm In Love with the Wrong Person? (ホレた相手が悪いかも? "Hore ta Aite ga Warui Kamo?")
  • Chapter 52: Dark Clouded Love! (暗雲立ちこめる避暑地の恋 "Anun Tachikomeru Hisho Chi no Koi")
  • Chapter 53: Iketani's Brave, Pure Love! (池谷 純愛まっしぐら "Iketani Junai Masshigura")
  • Chapter 54: Mako Gave Her Panties! (真子のバージンあげます!! "Mako no Bājin Age Masu!!")

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