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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 33: Evolutionary Genius! (進化する天才!! "Shinka Suru Tensai!!")
  • Chapter 34: Panicking Shingo! (慎吾のあせり "Shingo no Aseri")
  • Chapter 35: Counter Attack! Art of Downhill! (反撃!!ダウンヒルの真髄 "Hangeki!! Daunhiru no Shinzui")
  • Chapter 36: The Real Downhill! (究極のダウンヒラー "Kyūkyoku no Daunhirā")
  • Chapter 37: Takumi Is Confused Again! (そして拓海はまたボケる "Soshite Takumi ha Mata Bokeru")
  • Chapter 38: Nonchalant, Bunta's Potential! (さりげなく 文太の底力!! "Sarigenaku Bunta no Sokojikara!!")
  • Chapter 39: White Comet! Ryousuke Takahashi's Start! (白い彗星!!高橋涼介始動 "Shiroi Suisei!! Takahashi Ryōsuke Shidō")
  • Chapter 40: Surprise Tuning! (意外なチューニング "Igai na Chūningu")
  • Chapter 41: Nervous! Takumi Is An Idiot Around Girls! (イライラするぜ拓海の女ボケ "Iraira Suru ze Takumi no Onna Boke")
  • Chapter 42: The Night Before the Rival Competition! (ライバル達の前夜祭!! "Raibaru Tachi no Zenyasai!!")
  • Chapter 43: Forwad, Takumi! Time of Fate! (拓海発進運命の瞬間(とき)!! "Takumi Hasshin Unmei no Toki!!")

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