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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 489: Yobisute (よびすて "Yobisute")
  • Chapter 490: Rollcage (ロールケージ "Rōrukēji")
  • Chapter 491: Mid Ship Specialist (Part 1) (ミッドシップスペシャリスト "Middoshippu Supesharisuto")
  • Chapter 492: Mid Ship Specialist (Part 2) (ミッドシップスペシャリスト(後編) "Middoshippu Supesharisuto (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 493: Practice (Part 1) (プラクティス "Purakutisu")
  • Chapter 494: Practice (Part 2) (プラクティス(後編) "Purakutisu (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 495: Takumi Strikes (Part 1) (拓海出撃 "Takumi Shutsugeki")
  • Chapter 496: Takumi Strikes (Part 2) (拓海出撃(後編) "Takumi Shutsugeki (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 497: Opening Phase (序盤戦 "Joban Sen")
  • Chapter 498: Fujiwara Zone (Part 1) (藤原ゾーン "Fujiwara Zōn")
  • Chapter 499: Fujiwara Zone (Part 2) (藤原ゾーン(後編) "Fujiwara Zōn (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 500: Middle of the Battle (Part 1) (中盤戦 "Chūban Sen")
  • Chapter 501: Middle of the Battle (Part 2) (中盤戦(後編) "Chūban Sen (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 502: Artist of the Mountain Passes (峠の職人 "Tōge no Shokunin")







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