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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 390: Going Off Balance (くずれていくバランス "Kuzurete Iku Baransu")
  • Chapter 391: Expert (熟練 "Jukuren")
  • Chapter 392: Critical Point (Part 1) (臨界点 "Rinkaiten")
  • Chapter 393: Critical Point (Part 2) (臨界点(後編) "Rinkaiten (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 394: I Will Be the One To Defeat God Foot (ゴットフットはオレが倒す "Gottofutto ha Ore ga Taosu")
  • Chapter 395: Unworldly GT-R (Part 1) (超絶GT-R "Chōzetsu GT-R")
  • Chapter 396: Unworldly GT-R (Part 2) (超絶GT-R(後編) "Chōzetsu GT-R (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 397: Cooling System (クーリングシステム "Kūringu Shisutemu")
  • Chapter 398: Ryosuke's Motive (Part 1) (涼介の真意 "Ryōsuke no Shini")
  • Chapter 399: Ryosuke's Motive (Part 2) (涼介の真意(中編) "Ryōsuke no Shini (Chūhen)")
  • Chapter 400: Ryosuke's Motive (Part 3) (涼介の真意(後編) "Ryōsuke no Shini (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 401: Turnig Point (Part 1) (ターニングポイント "Tāningu Pointo")
  • Chapter 402: Turnig Point (Part 2) (ターニングポイント(後編) "Tāningu Pointo (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 403: Invisible Dog Fight (Part 1) (見えないドッグファイト "Mie Nai Doggufaito")
  • Chapter 404: Invisible Dog Fight (Part 2) (見えないドッグファイト(後編) "Mie Nai Doggufaito (Kōhen)")
  • Extra Story: West Gate (ウエストゲート "Uesuto Gēto")

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