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Tak had done the impossible by using the side gutters to re-pass Shirojima and keep himself in the battle, but has he really done more than simply prolong the inevitable? As yet another round gets under way, it's painfully clear that Shijojima won't fall for the same trick twice! Meanwhile, K.T. gives a stranded young lady the ride of her life, but when he drops her off at a gas station, will he be tempted to ask her out, or will he keep his resolve to stay away from women until Project D's good and over?

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 390: Caught Off Balance
  • Chapter 391: The Old Hand
  • Chapter 392: Boiling Point
  • Chapter 393: Boiling Point (Part Two)
  • Chapter 394: Breaking Bones in the Arm of a God
  • Chapter 395: The Transcendent CT-R
  • Chapter 396: The Transcendent CT-R (Part Two)
  • Chapter 397: Anti-Freeze
  • Chapter 398: The True Meaning of Ry
  • Chapter 399: The True Meaning of Ry (Part Two)
  • Chapter 400: The True Meaning of Ry (Part Three)
  • Chapter 401: The Turning Point
  • Chapter 402: The Turning Point (Part Two)
  • Chapter 403: The Invisible Dogfight
  • Chapter 404: The Invisible Dogfight (Part Two)
  • Special Extra: "West Gate"

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