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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 22: Takumi's Full Throttle Drift (拓海の全開ドライブ "Takumi no Zenkai Doraibu")
  • Chapter 23: Close In With the GT-R!! (GT-Rを追いつめろ!! "GT-R wo Oitsumero!!")
  • Chapter 24: Battle of Limits!! (限界バトル!! "Genkai Batoru!!")
  • Chapter 25: Exploding 5 Serial Hairpins!! (爆裂5連ヘアピン!! "Bakuretsu 5 Ren Heapin!!")
  • Chapter 26: Precise Control! (限界コントロール "Genkai Kontorōru")
  • Chapter 27: Itsuki's Levin Appears!! (イツキのレビン登場 "Itsuki no Rebin Tōjō")
  • Chapter 28: Friendship-Power Levin Race!! (友情パワーレビン激走!! "Yūjō Pawā Rebin Gekisō!!")
  • Chapter 29: Another Downhill Specialist! (もう一人の下り(ダウンヒル)スペシャリスト "Mō Hitori no Daunhiru Supesharisuto")
  • Chapter 30: Dangerous Shingo! (デンジャラス慎吾 "Denjarasu Shingo")
  • Chapter 31: Takumi vs. Shingo! (拓海VS. 慎吾 "Takumi VS. Shingo")
  • Chapter 32: Deathmatch of Madness! (狂気のデスマッチ "Kyōki no Desumacchi")

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