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The battle between Tak and Toshiya "God Arm" Joshima continues when Tak's abilities are truly put to the test in the most epic race of his life! Toshiya's one-handed steering technique has thrown Tak completely off his game as he desperately tries to keep up with the elusive racing veteran. Not even Ry has much confidence that Tak can beat Toshiya. Tak's only salvation may be to use the ditch to pass...but can the Eight Six survive such a dangerous maneuver?

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 374: There's An Endless War Coming
  • Chapter 375: The Ultimate Cornering Machine
  • Chapter 376: The Ultimate Cornering Machine (Part Two)
  • Chapter 377: Line of the Ghost
  • Chapter 378: Line of the Ghost (Part Two)
  • Chapter 379: A Miraculous Pace
  • Chapter 380: A Miraculous Pace (Part Two)
  • Chapter 381: The True Line-- Revealed!
  • Chapter 382: Planning For Perfection
  • Chapter 383: Planning For Perfection (Part Two)
  • Chapter 384: The Arm of God Trembles!!
  • Chapter 385: Break That One-Handed Steering!!
  • Chapter 386: Break That One-Handed Steering!! (Part Two)
  • Chapter 387: Ditch Drop in a Blind Spot
  • Chapter 388: Battle Without End
  • Chapter 389: Battle Without End (Part Two)

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