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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 357: A Conclusion!! And a Dilemma! (Part 2) (決着!!そして窮地(後編) "Ketchaku!! Soshite Kyūchi (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 358: A Break From the Battles (インターバル "Intābaru")
  • Chapter 359: Keisuke and Kyoko (Part 1) (啓介と恭子 "Keisuke to Kyōko")
  • Chapter 360: Keisuke and Kyoko (Part 2) (啓介と恭子(後編) "Keisuke to Kyōko (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 361: Lonely Racer (Part 1) (孤独なランナー "Kodoku na Rannā")
  • Chapter 362: Lonely Racer (Part 2) (孤独なランナー(後編) "Kodoku na Rannā (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 363: To A New Region (Part 1) (新天地へ "Shintenchi he")
  • Chapter 364: To A New Region (Part 2) (新天地へ(後編) "Shintenchi he (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 365: FD Revived (FD復活 "FD Fukkatsu")
  • Chapter 366: Middle-Agrd Racers - 'Purple Shadow' (中年暴走族「パープルシャドウ」 "Chūnen Bōsō Zoku 'Pāpurushadō'")
  • Chapter 367: Toughest Battles Ahead (立ちはだかる最強の壁 "Tachihadakaru Saikyō no Kabe")
  • Chapter 368: Practice (プラクティス "Purakutisu")
  • Chapter 369: Pressure (プレッシャー "Puresshā")
  • Chapter 370: Race Day (決戦当日 "Kessen Tōjitsu")
  • Chapter 371: Day of the Battle (決戦当日(後編) "Kessen Tōjitsu (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 372: One Hand Steer (Part 1) (ワンハンドステア "Wanhandosutea")
  • Chapter 373: One Hand Steer (Part 2) (ワンハンドステア(後編) "Wanhandosutea (Kōhen)")

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