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The cheaters aren't going to let Project D off lightly, so they call in reinforcements. Fortunately K.T. knows one of the thugs from his motorcycle days and everyone gains new respect for him and Project D. He also spends a romantic day with Kyoko--but will K.T. have a change of heart for her? And what's in store for Tak in the big race against team Purple Shadow?

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 357: Decision Time! (Part Two)
  • Chapter 358: A Brief Time-Out
  • Chapter 359: K.T. and Kyoko
  • Chapter 360: K.T. and Kyoko (Part Two)
  • Chapter 361: Loneliness of the Driver
  • Chapter 362: Loneliness of the Driver (Part Two)
  • Chapter 363: A Whole New Universe
  • Chapter 364: A Whole New Universe (Part Two)
  • Chapter 365: Return of the FD
  • Chapter 366: Aging Bikers and Purple Shadows
  • Chapter 367: Intervention
  • Chapter 368: Practice
  • Chapter 369: Pressure
  • Chapter 370: Day of Decision
  • Chapter 371: Day of Decision (Part Two)
  • Chapter 372: Steering With the Strong Hand
  • Chapter 373: Steering With the Strong Hand (Part Two)

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