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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 340: The Roaring Rotary From the Depths of Despair (Part 1) (絶望の淵に轟くロータリーサウンド Zetsubō no Fuchi ni Todoroku Rōtarī Saundo)
  • Chapter 341: The Roaring Rotary From the Depths of Despair (Part 2) (絶望の淵に轟くロータリーサウンド(後編) Zetsubō no Fuchi ni Todoroku Rōtarī Saundo (Kōhen))
  • Chapter 342: The Hillclimb of Anger (Part 1) (怒りのヒルクライム "Ikari no Hirukuraimu")
  • Chapter 343: The Hillclimb of Anger (Part 2) (怒りのヒルクライム(後編) "Ikari no Hirukuraimu (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 344: LanEvo. King of the Streets (陸の王者ランエボ "Riku no Ōja Ranebo")
  • Chapter 345: An Explosive High-Speed Battle (Part 1) (戦慄の高速バトル "Senritsu no Kōsoku Batoru")
  • Chapter 346: An Explosive High-Speed Battle (Part 2) (戦慄の高速バトル(後編) "Senritsu no Kōsoku Batoru (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 347: Passing (パッシング "Passhingu")
  • Chapter 348: The Difference In Class (格の違い "Kaku no Chigai")
  • Chapter 349: Pre-Battle Nuances (陽動作戦 "Yōdō Sakusen")
  • Chapter 350: The Bullet Downhill (Part 1) (弾丸ダウンヒル "Dangan Daunhiru")
  • Chapter 351: The Bullet Downhill (Part 2) (弾丸ダウンヒル(後編) "Dangan Daunhiru (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 352: A Small Discovery (小さな発見 "Chiisana Hakken")
  • Chapter 353: The Approaching Danger (Part 1) (迫り来る危機 "Semari Kuru Kiki")
  • Chapter 354: The Approaching Danger (Part 2) (迫り来る危機(後編) "Semari Kuru Kiki (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 355: All Downhill From Here (急転直下 "Kyūtenchokka")
  • Chapter 356: A Conclusion!! And A Dilemma! (Part 1) (決着!!そして窮地 "Ketchaku!! Soshite Kyūchi")

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