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When an "accidental" oil slick leaves K.T. with a compromised car that can't be fixed in time to race, he loses his cool and wonders if he'll ever be able to get back on track. Meanwhile, Tak battles against the Lancer Evo team, and the driver's goons are set to unleash some serious road rage on him if he wins. Everyone knows that Tak's not the type to throw a race--but when he gets wind of the beatdown that awaits him, he may have finally found a good reason to put it into cruise control!

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 340: That Hopeless Sound of the Rotary
  • Chapter 341: That Hopeless Sound of the Rotary (Part Two)
  • Chapter 342: Furious Climber
  • Chapter 343: Furious Climber (Part Two)
  • Chapter 344: Lancer Evo: King of the Open Road
  • Chapter 345: High-Speed Battle if Nerves
  • Chapter 346: High-Speed Battle if Nerves (Part Two)
  • Chapter 347: Time to Pass
  • Chapter 348: A Difference in Grade
  • Chapter 349: Strategy Session
  • Chapter 350: The Downhill Rocket
  • Chapter 351: The Downhill Rocket (Part Two)
  • Chapter 352: A Minor Revelation
  • Chapter 353: Danger in the Rear-View
  • Chapter 354: Danger in the Rear-View (Part Two)
  • Chapter 355: Sudden Turn For the Worse
  • Chapter 356: Decision Time!

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