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Wicked Games Tak's lack of confidence is tested even further when a mysterious Impreza overtakes him on the road. Meanwhile, the fire between Iggy and Kazumi seems to grow stronger with every date...but when a suitor from her past arrives on the scene, will Iggy find himself out in the cold? Finally, Project D’s next opponent and will do whatever it takes to come out on top--even if it means endangering the lives of Tak and the others!

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 322: Lonely and Confused
  • Chapter 323: Lonely and Confused (Part Two)
  • Chapter 324: Iggy Off the Hook
  • Chapter 325: Iggy Off the Hook (Part Two)
  • Chapter 326: The Passion of the Ig
  • Chapter 327: A Man's Gotta Do What He's Gotta Do
  • Chapter 328: A Man's Gotta Do What He's Gotta Do (Part Two)
  • Chapter 329: Hotel of Secrets
  • Chapter 330: Hotel of Secrets (Part Two)
  • Chapter 331: Follow Your Heart
  • Chapter 332: Dueling Masters of the Eight Six
  • Chapter 333: Dueling Masters of the Eight Six ( Part Two)
  • Chapter 334: Final Showdown in Saitama
  • Chapter 335: Final Showdown in Saitama (Part Two)
  • Chapter 336: The K.T. Trap
  • Chapter 337: The K.T. Trap (Part Two)
  • Chapter 338: Picking Up the Pieces
  • Chapter 339: Time's Up!

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