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There's no way K.T. can beat Wataru, especially in the pouring rain--or at least that's what everyone believes. The truth is the water-slick roads could work to either driver's favor. It’s up to K.T. to kick his game up a notch and beat his fiercest foe yet--Mother Nature! Meanwhile, Iggy's love life is in no danger of spinning out of control, as he and Kazumi resume their romance. But the question still remains--can Iggy's heart stand to be broken a second time?

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 306: Supercharged Levin (Part Two)
  • Chapter 307: Wataru Moves Forward
  • Chapter 308: Wataru Moves Forward (Part Two)
  • Chapter 309: Hidden Agenda
  • Chapter 310: Know Your Enemy
  • Chapter 311: Know Your Enemy (Part Two)
  • Chapter 312: Down the Uphill
  • Chapter 313: Down the Uphill (Part Two)
  • Chapter 314: Old Friends, New Enemies
  • Chapter 315: And the Winner Is
  • Chapter 316: And the Winner Is (Part Two)
  • Chapter 317: Return of the Nightmare
  • Chapter 318: Mountain of Madness
  • Chapter 319: Mountain of Madness (Part Two)
  • Chapter 320: Iggy Finds Happiness
  • Chapter 321: Iggy Finds Happiness (Part Two) (Not listed in the table of contents but the chapter is in the manga)

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