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The Saitama dream team brings in the Sakamoto--aka The Ringer--to take Tak down. Amidst sheets of rain, Ry explains to Tak that this is his biggest challenge, but he possesses a secret weapon that will drive him to victory. The only problem is Tak has to figure out this secret before he drifts into the storm of Sakamoto.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 289: The Last Barrier's the Biggest (Part Two)
  • Chapter 290: The X-Factor
  • Chapter 291: The X-Factor (Part Two)
  • Chapter 292: A Quick Time-Out
  • Chapter 293: Bang Goes the Gong!
  • Chapter 294: Bang Goes the Gong! (Part Two)
  • Chapter 295: Turn Off Your Mind
  • Chapter 296: Ry's Crucial Mistake
  • Chapter 297: The Misunderstanding
  • Chapter 298: Alpha Plus
  • Chapter 299: Alpha Plus (Part Two)
  • Chapter 300: The Smart Bomb Misfires!!
  • Chapter 301: The Smart Bomb Misfires!! (Part Two)
  • Chapter 302: Highway of Hazards
  • Chapter 303: Highway of Hazards (Part Two)
  • Chapter 304: The Final Outcome
  • Chapter 305: Super-Charged Levin

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