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Tak is challenged by new car on the mountain while making deliveries. Tak Tak is left speechless when this mysterious car actually beats him. Who could have beat him? Cole challenges some obnoxious guys from Tokyo to a race. Tak takes over for Cole. As Tak passes the other car, he realizes that he just got beat by the 85 he was dissing up on the mountaintop. A mysterious driver shows up in a RX-7 and joins the race. Who is this mysterious driver?

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 258: Nightmare on Four Wheels
  • Chapter 259: Nightmare on Four Wheels (Part Two)
  • Chapter 260: Dawn of the Eight Five Turbo
  • Chapter 261: Big Time Showdown
  • Chapter 262: A Time to Grow
  • Chapter 263: A Time to Grow (Part Two)
  • Chapter 264: Beat Down For the Fat Boys
  • Chapter 265: The Prince Who Rode the Rotary
  • Chapter 266: The Prince Who Rode the Rotary (Part Two)
  • Chapter 267: Love So Soft
  • Chapter 268: Together Again
  • Chapter 269: Pre-Battle Jitters
  • Chapter 270: A Prince in the End
  • Chapter 271: F.D. vs. F.D.
  • Chapter 272: Driven by Love

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