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The pressure is on Tak more than ever before and Ry's got some words of advice for his star driver as they prepare for the big race against Tomoyuki. Tomoyuki's been on the pro circuit and Tak will have to use every move in his bag of tricks if he hopes to beat him.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 243: The Victor's Starting Line (Part Two)
  • Chapter 244: The First Corner
  • Chapter 245: The First Corner (Part Two)
  • Chapter 246: The Problem
  • Chapter 247: The Problem (Part Two)
  • Chapter 248: The Mark of a Pro
  • Chapter 249: The Disappearing Line
  • Chapter 250: The Todo School's Critical Error
  • Chapter 251: The Turning Point
  • Chapter 252: Blind Attack
  • Chapter 253: The Reserve Power of a Pro
  • Chapter 254: Close to the Goal
  • Chapter 255: The Final Section
  • Chapter 256: Turbulence at the Finish Line
  • Chapter 257: Turbulence at the Finish Line (Part Two)

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