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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 228: Racer That Operates FF (FFターボを操る男 "FF Tābo wo Ayatsuru Otoko")
  • Chapter 229: Short Final Battle (Part 1) (短期決戦 "Tanki Kessen")
  • Chapter 230: Short Final Battle (Part 2) (短期決戦(後編) "Tanki Kessen (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 231: Keisuke Took the Dait (罠に落ちる啓介 "Wana ni Ochiru Keisuke")
  • Chapter 232: Sudden Conflict (激突 "Gekitotsu")
  • Chapter 233: When the Smile Fades (スマイルが止まる時 "Sumairu ga Tomaru Toki")
  • Chapter 234: The Final Outcome (決着のゴールへ "Ketchaku no Gōru he")
  • Chapter 235: Geared Up OB (決起するOBたち "Kekki Suru OB Tachi")
  • Chapter 236: The Record That Was Rewritten (Part 1) (塗り替えられたレコード "Nurikae Rareta Rekōdo")
  • Chapter 237: The Record That Was Rewritten (Part 2) (塗り替えられたレコード(後編) "Nurikae Rareta Rekōdo (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 238: A Call From Kyoichi (ホットライン "Hottorain")
  • Chapter 239: Who Will Answer the Challenge!? (走るのは誰!? "Hashiru no ha Dare!?")
  • Chapter 240: Trial Run (Part 1) (プラクティス "Purakutisu")
  • Chapter 241: Trial Run (Part 2) (プラクティス(後編) "Purakutisu (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 242: Marching Towards A Victorious Start (Part 1) (勝利へのスタートライン "Shōri heno Sutātorain")

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