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Proving that passing Daiki was no fluke, Tak wins his race. Now it's up to K.T. to keep up the momentum as he takes on Todo's "Smiley" Sakai. They call the guy "Smiley" because in the heat of battle his face scrunches up into what might be deceptively described as a grin. Sakai's smile quickly fades, though, when K.T. beats him in their race. After this defeat, a long absent member of the Todo team comes back to defend the team's sullied reputation...a member so tough that even Kyle calls Ry to warn him.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 228: He Who Controls the FF
  • Chapter 229: Quick Decision (Part One)
  • Chapter 230: Quick Decision (Part Two)
  • Chapter 231: K.T. Takes the Bait
  • Chapter 232: The Crash
  • Chapter 233: When the Smiling Ends
  • Chapter 234: The Decisive Finish
  • Chapter 235: Old Boys to the Rescue
  • Chapter 236: The Record Painted Over (Part One)
  • Chapter 237: The Record Painted Over (Part Two)
  • Chapter 238: The Hotline
  • Chapter 239: Who's Going to Drive?!
  • Chapter 240: Practice (Part One)
  • Chapter 241: Practice (Part Two)
  • Chapter 242: The Victor's Starting Line

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