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It's sheer motor madness as the match between Tohru's Miata and Tak's Trueno race to the edge of excitement. Tak makes a major maneuver to give him the upper hand but Tohru won't let the victory slip away that easily. As the two hurtle down the streets neck-and-neck at break-neck speeds, K.T. sets up for his uphill battle against Jonrou Kawai.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 199: Relentless (Part Two)
  • Chapter 200: Taking the Ditches!
  • Chapter 201: Taking the Ditches! (Part Two)
  • Chapter 202: Tohru's Honorable Defeat
  • Chapter 203: Full Throttle Hill Climb!
  • Chapter 204: Full Throttle Hill Climb! (Part Two)
  • Chapter 205: Proof of Growth
  • Chapter 206: Riding the Strongest FD
  • Chapter 207: When Skill Molds Power
  • Chapter 208: The Old Gang in Akina
  • Chapter 209: The Project D Lasso
  • Chapter 210: The Project D Lasso (Part Two)
  • Chapter 211: The Power of Daiki
  • Chapter 212: The Power of Daiki (Part Two)

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