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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 185: Letting Your Significant Other Know (告白 "Kokuhaku")
  • Chapter 186: It's Hard To Go Through A Valentine's Day (バレンタインデーはせつないね "Barentaindē ha Setsunai ne")
  • Chapter 187: Footsteps of Spring (春の足音 "Haru no Ashioto")
  • Chapter 188: Heading Towards the Big Dream (遠い夢に向かって "Tōi Yume ni Mukatte")
  • Chapter 189: Each Person Has Own Path (炎のコースレコード "Honoo no Kōsurekōdo")
  • Chapter 190: Separate Ways (それぞれの未来 "Sorezore no Mirai")
  • Chapter 191: Journey Against All Odds (旅立ち "Tabidachi")
  • Chapter 192: Project D (プロジェクトD "Purojekuto D")
  • Chapter 193: A Challenger From Town of Gunma (群馬エリアからの挑戦者 "Gunma Eria Kara no Chōsen Sha")
  • Chapter 194: Double Aces (ダブルエース "Daburu Ēsu")
  • Chapter 195: I'll At Ease (戦々恐々 "Sensenkyōkyō")
  • Chapter 196: Kamikaze Downhiller!! Toru Suetsugu (カミカゼダウンヒル!!末次トオル "Kamikaze Daunhiru!! Suetsugu Tōru")
  • Chapter 197: Buried Talents (埋もれた実力者 "Umoreta Jitsuryokusha")
  • Chapter 198: Who's More Reckless? (イカれてる奴はどっちだ!? "Ikareteru Yatsu ha Docchi da!?")

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