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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 159: Agreement At Dawn (暁の協定 "Akatsuki no Kyōtei")
  • Chapter 160: A Worthy Competitor (現れた強敵 "Arawareta Kyōteki")
  • Chapter 161: Under Very Similar Circumstances (Part 1) (よく似た境遇 "Yoku Nita Kyōgū")
  • Chapter 162: Under Very Similar Circumstances (Part 2) (よく似た境遇(後編) "Yoku Nita Kyōgū (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 163: Kogashiwa's Career (小柏のキャリア "Kogashiwa no Kyaria")
  • Chapter 164: Strategies Intertwined (からみあう戦略 "Karamiau Senryaku")
  • Chapter 165: Special Traits of the Midship (ミッドシップの本領 "Middoshippu no Honryō")
  • Chapter 166: More Strategies Intertwined (からみあう戦略 "Karamiau Senryaku")
  • Chapter 167: Putting the 'In' In Inverse Cornering (インベタのさらにイン!! "In Beta no Sarani In!!")
  • Chapter 168: The Tricky Line (えげつないライン "Egetsunai Rain")
  • Chapter 169: Bunta's Advice (文太のアドバイス "Bunta no Adobaisu")
  • Chapter 170: The Father and Son Counter Attack!! (反撃!!藤原親子 "Hangeki!! Fujiwara Oyako")

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