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Things are looking good for Tak after being recruited to a new racing team and trouncing the only guy to ever "beat" him on the road. There isn't much time to sit on his laurels though, because there's a new racer on the scene. His name is Kai Kogashiwa. He drives a sweet Toyota MR2 and he's gunning for Tak. Turns out, that not only was Kai trained to race by his father like Tak, but his dad is also Bunta's old archrival. Kai's dad lost to Bunta years ago, and now it's up to Kai to bring honor back to the family name. Before this momentous race, Bunta, for the first time, gives his son some racing advice as he cautions Tak about the dried leaves on the asphalt this time of year. Taking his dad's words with him, Tak and Kai launch into a fierce road battle between second generation rivals.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 159: Agreement at Dawn
  • Chapter 160: A Worthy Competitor
  • Chapter 161: Under Very Similar Circumstances
  • Chapter 162: Under Very Similar Circumstances (Part Two)
  • Chapter 163: Kogashiwa's Career
  • Chapter 164: Strategies Intertwined
  • Chapter 165: Special Traits of the Midship
  • Chapter 166: More Strategies Intertwined
  • Chapter 167: Putting the "In" in Inverse Cornering
  • Chapter 168: The Tricky Line
  • Chapter 169: Bunta's Advice
  • Chapter 170: The Father and Son Counter Attack!!

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