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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 146: The White Comet Option (涼介からのオファー "Ryōsuke Kara no Ofā")
  • Chapter 147: An Intriguing Proposition (ギブ アンド テイク "Gibu Ando Teiku")
  • Chapter 148: Challenge At Iroha Hill! (挑戦!!いろは坂 "Chōsen!! Iroha Zaka")
  • Chapter 149: A Battle Never Fought (やり残したバトル "Yari Nokoshi ta Batoru")
  • Chapter 150: Power Under Pressure!! (試される実力!! "Tamesa Reru Jitsuryoku!!")
  • Chapter 151: He's Got the Skills That Shock! (驚愕の戦闘力!! "Kyōgaku no Sentō Ryoku!!")
  • Chapter 152: Misfire VS Low Center of Gravity (ミスファイアVS低重心 "Misu Faia VS Tei Jūshin")
  • Chapter 153: The Prodigy VS The Iron Man (天才VS鉄人 "Tensai VS Tetsujin")
  • Chapter 154: A Plan For Victory (勝利へのシナリオ "Shōri he no Shinario")
  • Chapter 155: Three Bridges To Victory (Part 1) (大決着!!トリプルカウンター "Dai Ketchaku!! Toripuru Kauntā")
  • Chapter 156: Three Bridges To Victory (Part 2) (大決着!!トリプルカウンター(後編) "Dai Ketchaku!! Toripuru Kauntā (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 157: The Provacation (触発 "Shokuhatsu")
  • Chapter 158: The Solution (追及 "Tsuikyū")

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