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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 134: Saitama, Land of Many Colors (彩の国 埼玉(意味不明) "Sai no Kuni Saitama (Imi Fumei)")
  • Chapter 135: Here Comes The Mighty Turbo! (ふりまわせ ドッカンターボ "Furimawase Dokkantābo")
  • Chapter 136: Prepare For A Rude Awakening! (覚醒の予感 "Kakusei no Yokan")
  • Chapter 137: Breakout Time! (封印が解かれる瞬間(とき) "Fūin ga Tokareru Toki")
  • Chapter 138: War Amidst the Exhaust (苛酷な消耗戦 "Kakoku na Shōmō Sen")
  • Chapter 139: Racing Down!! (戦闘力低下!! "Sentō Ryoku Teika!!")
  • Chapter 140: The Virtues Of Horsepower (馬力(パワー)の代償 "Pawā no Daishō")
  • Chapter 141: A Sudden Turnabout (形勢逆転 "Keisei Gyakuten")
  • Chapter 142: The Final Round (ファイナルラウンド "Fainaru Raundo")
  • Chapter 143: As Suddenly As It Began (予期せぬ幕切れ!! "Yoki Senu Makugire!!")
  • Chapter 144: Resolutions (決心 "Kesshin")
  • Chapter 145: Time of the Season (移りゆく季節の中で "Utsuriyuku Kisetsu no Naka de")

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