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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 122: Day of the Eight Six Levin Turbo (最強のハチロクレビン!!(本当の後編) "Saikyō no Hachiroku Rebin!!(Hontō no Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 123: K.T. Takes The Levin Challenge (啓介VS. 渉!? "Keisuke VS. Wataru!?")
  • Chapter 124: Close Shave For the FD!! (FD危機一髪!! "FD Kiki Ippatsu!!")
  • Chapter 125: There's Always A First Love (初恋のゆくえ? "Hatsukoi no Yukue?")
  • Chapter 126: The Breakthrough! (板ばさみ "Itabasami")
  • Chapter 127: Opposites Attract (反発 "Hanpatsu")
  • Chapter 128: The Seal Shall Be Broken (封印からの開放 "Fūin Kara no Kaihō")
  • Chapter 129: This Means War! (宣戦布告 "Sensen Fukoku")
  • Chapter 130: Night of Wild Emotions (胸さわぎの夜 "Munasawagi no Yoru")
  • Chapter 131: The Private Pact (二人だけの約束 "Futari Dake no Yakusoku")
  • Chapter 132: Showdown At Dawn (激突の朝 "Gekitotsu no Asa")
  • Chapter 133: Turbo VS Racing Engine! (ターボVS. レーシングチューン "Tābo VS. Rēshinguchūn")

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