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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 111: Spitfire In Black and White (白と黒の閃光 "Shiro to Kuro no Senkō")
  • Chapter 112: Subtle Interaction At 350 HP (260 kW)! (見えないかけひき "Mie Nai Kake Hiki")
  • Chapter 113: A Nightmare Comes True! (悪夢のデジャヴー "Akumu no Dejabū")
  • Chapter 114: Twilight of A Racing Idol (カリスマ崩壊 "Karisuma Hōkai")
  • Chapter 115: A New Level of Terror!! (恐怖の突破口をつけ!! "Kyōfu no Toppakō wo Tsuke!!")
  • Chapter 116: He Shoots! He Shoots! (明暗!! "Meian!!")
  • Chapter 117: A New Legend Picks Up Speed (走り始める新たな伝説 "Hashiri Hajimeru Arata na Densetsu")
  • Chapter 118: That Car Is Too Dangerous! (そのクルマ凶暴につき "Sono Kuruma Kyōbō Nitsuki")
  • Chapter 119: First Contact (ファーストコンタクト "Fāsuto Kontakuto")
  • Chapter 120: Is It Spring... Or Still Autumn? (紅葉の季節に春が来る? "Kōyō no Kisetsu ni Haru ga Kuru?")
  • Chapter 121: Dawn of the Eight Six Levin Turbo (最強のハチロクレビン!! "Saikyō no Hachiroku Rebin!!")

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