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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 99: Inquiring Minds Want To Know (ふくれていく疑惑 "Fukureteiku Giwaku")
  • Chapter 100: The Last Thing Tak Wanted To See (衝撃の目撃 赤城へ!! "Shōgeki no Mokugeki Akagi he!!")
  • Chapter 101: Do Or Die In Akagi (玉砕上等 火の玉バトル "Gyokusai Jōtō Hinotama Batoru")
  • Chapter 102: There's A Crazy Look In His Eyes!! (壮絶 赤城おろし!! "Sōzetsu Akagi Oroshi!!")
  • Chapter 103: Kyle Sudoh Has the Moves of A Pro (さえわたる京一のテクニック "Saewataru Kyōichi no Tekunikku")
  • Chapter 104: My Engine's Bigger Than Your Engine!! (泣け!! オレの4A-G "Nake!! Ore no 4A-G")
  • Chapter 105: The Evo III Refuses To Love (抵抗 "Teikō")
  • Chapter 106: Countdown To Catastrophe (破滅へのカウントダウン!! "Hametsu heno Kauntodaun!!")
  • Chapter 107: Sayonara, My Sweet Eight Six (さよなら大好きなハチロク "Sayonara Daisuki na Hachi Roku")
  • Chapter 108: Grieving For A Dead Engine (再起不能 "Saiki Funō")
  • Chapter 109: The Solemn Vow of K.T. Takahashi (混迷 "Kommei")
  • Chapter 110: Mystery of the Second Eight Six (因縁の対決 再び!! "Innen no Taiketsu Futatabi!!")

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