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On the night of Natalie's final 'date' with the older man, Tak gets another ominous phone call, advising him to go to a certain hotel and look for a certain car. He goes and, of course, catches Natalie in the act. A stunned Tak goes straight to another race against Kyoichi, and in his agitated state, blows the engine in the 86. After picking up his son, Bunta assures him that the blown engine is not Tak's fault. But Bunta also impresses upon Tak the seriousness of a blown engine...he's going to have to replace the whole thing. (Little does Tak know what surprise his father has in store for him.) While the car is in the shop, K.T. drops by to console Tak. In K.T.'s view, the race was not a loss for him, but nonetheless, he will avenge Tak. It's cold comfort to Tak, who confides in Iggy that he regrets racing on Mt. Akagi in the first place. At the same time, Cole and Kenji spot a new turbo 86 on the road.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 99: Inquiring Minds Want To Know
  • Chapter 100: The Last Thing Tak Wanted To See
  • Chapter 101: Do or Die in Akagi
  • Chapter 102: There's A Crazy Look In His Eyes!!
  • Chapter 103: Kyle Sudoh Has the Moves of A Pro
  • Chapter 104: My Engine's Bigger Than Your Engine!!
  • Chapter 105: The Evo III Refuses To Lose
  • Chapter 106: Countdown To Catastrophe
  • Chapter 107: Sayonara, My Sweet Eight Six
  • Chapter 108: Grieving For A Dead Engine
  • Chapter 109: The Solemn Vow of K.T. Takahashi
  • Chapter 110: Mystery of the Second Eight Six

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