Best Creative Team For Inhumans?

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I would like to write and draw this book but Quesada aint calling.

So,tell your pick for scribe and art and say why.

I like Grant Morrison's esoteric concepts and creative characterization. I'd hope he'd explore all facets of Inhuman culture and its superhuman citizens. And show the royal family in depth

For art I want Olivier Coipel mainly because he is my fave but also his design sense and characterization is astronomical.

Team Understudy: Warren Ellis/ Frank Quitely for the same reasons as 1st string.
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Captain Cascader says:

" I really liked the Jae Lee stuff from a couple years ago. Totally gave off that bad ass Black Bolt feel.
" />"

I was just gonna say that. Jae Lee's Inhumans rocked!

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Yeah that Jae Lee run is the best I've seen the Inhumans. But the new best wil be?....

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Another fresh team would be Chris Priest and Chris Cross.

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Tell me Chris Cross is a pseudonym.

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Buckshot says:

"Tell me Chris Cross is a pseudonym."

it is. I think his real name is Chris Williams. He started at Milestone and did Capt. marvel for Marvel in the early 2G.

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Oh yeah he pencilled the first couple issues of the new Firestorm series.

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